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This blog consist of meals that are practically all purchased with the help of my footstamp budget, I work full time, but as a single mom with two children at home I am classified as "poverty level". I thank God everyday that my children get good homecooked meals, because there are so many kids in the USA that go hungry every day. I just wanted to add this so if you think you cannot purchase good food and create good meals on a tight budget I hope my blog makes you think of food in a different way. noturtypicalgma

the only thing i ask in sharing these recipes with you, is that you must really love the person you serve them to....cooking is how i show my love to the special people in my life.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tri-tip 101

I love tri-tip, it is solely responsible for keeping me from being a vegan...ok I love NY strip steaks too.
This is the first step to preparing a great tasting tri-tip. Tri-tip is big in California and I am not sure if it has made its way further east yet but a few years ago no one out of Cali knew what it was. When I lived in Minnesota people were like tri-tip whats that? Well it is from the cut of meat known as the brisket and it is generally a fattier piece of roast, which makes it ideal for us Cali barbecuers, is that a word? Anyway I have been loving me some tri-tip for over 20 years now. I was first introduced to it by working my first job in the now closed Monty's Liquor on Howard Road in Madera. It was my job to prep the numerous tri-tip we would go through on a Friday. We grilled inside on a large grill in the Deli Kitchen. This is the "secret Monty's Tri-tip recipe" I call it mine but of course I just stole it from them...
So here we go...on the way to tri-tip heaven!

1 bottle of liquid Hickory Smoke
garlic powder
1  3lb tri-tip

Don't make the mistake of using garlic salt...use powder only, and you will want the shakerful because there will be a lot of shaking going on.
This is the first video of prep it shows no cooking. Cooking video will follow tomorrow.

Prep video

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