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This blog consist of meals that are practically all purchased with the help of my footstamp budget, I work full time, but as a single mom with two children at home I am classified as "poverty level". I thank God everyday that my children get good homecooked meals, because there are so many kids in the USA that go hungry every day. I just wanted to add this so if you think you cannot purchase good food and create good meals on a tight budget I hope my blog makes you think of food in a different way. noturtypicalgma

the only thing i ask in sharing these recipes with you, is that you must really love the person you serve them to....cooking is how i show my love to the special people in my life.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Homemade Cream of Broccoli Soup and "Gorilla" Cheese Sandwiches

Who remembers the grill cheese sandwich as a child? Dipping it in your tomato soup, total complete yumminess...takes me back to my days as a kid on Lincoln Street. Well tonight I make a version of a "gorilla" (as my lovees used to say when they were little) cheese sandwich that I saw You Tuber Foodwishes make, and my homemade cream of Broccoli soup that is sooo good. The turn of the weather here in the Cen  Cal valley has me pining for comfort food... its only dropped down into the 80's but hey that's 20 degrees less than it was 1 month ago. So I hope you are ready for some comfort food recipes this month. Last month was super hectic and I blogged not one bit... but now that football is winding down for my daughter we are getting ready to have a break and some good home cooked food so I am warning Taco Bell that they may take a dip in sales this month.

Traditionally soups that are cream base are well, made of cream and lots of butter and flour and fat and calories. So in order to eat the grill cheese sandwich LOL I needed to cut calories somewhere and I do it by using chicken broth, the broth from the broccoli that I have boiled and 2 percent milk, along with olive oil, and margarine (yikes i know) you could use butter folks and some good ole cornstarch. This cream base can be used for many soups and sorry but when I was filming it I somehow lost the part where I mix the liquids with the cornstarch so bear with me and I will post that piece again when I make some clam chowder this weekend.

Ingredients for Cream of Broccoli Soup
8 cups of boiled broccoli pieces and some stem
1c. of chicken broth
1c. of 2 percent milk
2 c. of water from the boiled broccoli
3tbsp butter or margarine
1tbsp of olive oil
3 cloves of minced garlic
1/2c. of white onion
3tbsp of cornstarch
salt and pepper to taste

~for garnishes~
crumbled bacon
 grated sharp cheddar cheese

Gorilla Cheese Sandwiches
bread for however many servings you want to make
good ole white bread or fancy schmancy grown up bread
good quality sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese grated and some sliced
butter, margarine, mayo or olive oil to toast bread

Video Recipe
just a note people I say the F word to my kid, its not said with any seriousness, if you know me you know I am who I am so take it or leave it....I am not on the food network but maybe I should be well at least I could battle with Gordon Ramsey in Hells Kitchen! F bombs would be flying! I take nothing in life too seriously shoot I woulda had an aneurism by now if I did...

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